With its several years' experience D&P is able to offer to his customers: 

  • Analysis "Wiring Diagrams
  • Implementation of standard components
  • Preliminary studies layout
  • Clipping installation and cable assy installation
  • Modeling wiring
  • Realization wiring boards
  • Complete management of Kits
  • Complete management of variants
  • Realization of "SOURCE CONTROL DRAWING"
  • RDP Management "Getting Set Up Structural"





Design of new systems both for prototypes and for aircraft production, developing individual parts (various components) and management of complete installation. When required, we manage also drawing already done that needs to be checked. 

D & P is inserted into the technical direction of the department of electro-avionics AgustaWestland since 1998. Since then he has worked on the following projects:                                                                           




• NH90 military helicopter in collaboration with Eurocopter

• AW139 civil helicopter (currently AgustaWestland’s leading programme)

• AW149 civil helicopter

• A109 civil and paramilitary helicopter

• BA609 convertiplane



Plant engineering:

  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • Engine Installation


Structures- Structural Analysis 


  • Structural analysis of the aircraft using the finite element method.
  • Once defined the general architecture of the machine and the distribution of masses, the flight mechanics evaluates the aerodynamic stresses.
  • The area "structures" on the basis of the data thus supplied, executes a first sizing..

Weights & Center of gravity:

  • Definition of '"Empty Weight and Centering".
  • Updating data on Kits.
  • Mass distribution and flight envelope. 
  • Determination of the position with the least possible impact in terms of weight / position of the new kits.





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